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Tips to Improve Your Oral Health and Hygiene

Question: How often should a person get their teeth cleaned?
It depends upon your individual needs. Most patients should have a cleaning twice per year. Most insurance plans cover this. Depending on skills in plaque removal, individual plaque accumulation, history of gum and/or bone disease, or signs of gum inflammation (tender, bleeding, puffing tissue), we might recommend cleanings three or four times per year.

Question: What type of toothbrush is best?
Whether you choose a manual or automatic (battery or electric) the brush should always have soft bristles. Use of anything else contributes to gum recession, abrasion of the root surface, and sensitivity. If using an automatic brush, let the brush do the work. Avoid the tendency to scrub back and forth. If using a manual brush, do not scrub horizontally using excess pressure. Thorough but gentle brushing is key, positioning the bristles on the gum line at a 45-degree angle.

Question: I brush multiple times per day. Do I have to floss too?
Because bacteria collect below the gum line and between the teeth (not reached by tooth brushing alone), the answer is absolutely "Yes!" Proper flossing technique is critical, and knowing the proper technique makes flossing much easier. Ask your dental professional to show you how.

Question: Are silver (amalgam) fillings harmful?
In the past two decades there have been numerous studies conducted by dental associations, dental schools, the FDA, independent researchers, and others regarding the safety of dental amalgam. The consistent conclusion is that amalgam is a safe, affordable, and durable restoration choice for patients, and concerns over harmful effects are unwarranted.

Question: I sleep with my denture in. Is this okay?
A patient wearing removable appliances (partials or dentures) should remove them while sleeping. Otherwise, gum irritation and inflammation will likely occur. It is like going to bed with your shoes and socks on...your feet need to breathe, and so does your oral tissue. The appliances should not be left to dry, and can be placed in a cleaning solution overnight.

Question: I have a broken tooth. Does it need to be removed?
We are in the business of saving teeth. Upon radiographic evaluation, a fractured tooth usually can be saved, either by a root canal and/or a crown in most cases.

Question: Does the dark area around my crown indicate decay? Sometimes, but not always. If your crown is porcelain fused to metal (PFM), it could be that over time the gum tissue has receded, exposing the metal margin of the crown. This does not mean the crown has failed and needs to be remade. If you are displeased with the appearance, an all-porcelain crown with no metal can be a viable option.

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